MANASIK - Introduction

Ceremonies of Pilgrimage ……. Step by Step
Shahd Al-Jazira Co. For Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations is one of the volunteering companies in the field of the integrated advertising services locally, regionally and internationally. It was established in the year 1402 H as one of the national companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company was enriched with the experience of different generations by investing in the developing science and the most advanced modern technologies in order to offer a distinguished service with innovation and invention.     
Since its establishment, the company is using its best endeavors and with all its experiences to offer every thing new in the world of publicity and advertising to go along with the demands of the modern time. The endurance and steadiness of Shahd Al-Jazira Company for Advertising is a conclusive evidence of its distinction in its fields by offering the best services to its honorable customers since the company owns the factors of success which it obtains from its distinguished human and technical staff. We don’t think that we are completely perfect but we do our best endeavors to be so.
Satisfaction of the client is our main Goal