MANASIK - Message from Manasik Owner  
The Message
To deliver the message of the Holy Koran,the Sunna and the introduction of the ceremonies for all Muslim by the modern means.    
The Perspective
Unifying the performance of the ceremonies to make pilgrimage free of expostulation and the explanation of the Pilgrimage and Umrah ceremonies by different modern means.
The Targets:
  • Explanation of the specifications of the blessed pilgrimage.
  • Simplified explanation of the three ceremonies of pilgrimage.
  • Presentation of the benefits that will be obtained by those who act according to the Sunna while performing the ceremonies of pilgrimage.
  • Explanation of some of the legal rules which are related to pilgrimage, umrah and visit ceremonies for the man, woman and child.
  • Explanation of some guidance rules and instructions which are related to the religious advisory opinion for the man and woman.
  • Presentation of the great meanings of pilgrimage and its relation with monotheism.
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