MANASIK - Message from the CEO

Dear Customer…

Assalamo Alaikom,
With our experience in planning and carrying out of many advertising campaigns accompanying the national, sports and religious occasions, we always look for the most important times exposed to advertisement during the year to satisfy our customers. Therefore, and praise be to Allah, we have been entrusted with the advertisement of the guidance campaign - CEREMONIES OF PILGRIMAGE…STEP BY STEP in all the towns of the Kingdom and for a period of five years under the sponsorship of:
His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud
Prince of Makkah Almokarramah Region & President of The Hajj Central Commission
Accordingly, we appreciate your effective participation for supporting this campaign. We hope that you will have the priority to reserve a suitable spot for your honorable company in this media. We hope that you supply us with the required advertisement message to enabling us to serve you and realize the goals of this campaign.  
With our best regards.
Ahmed Abu Munther
Executive Director